Our team shares a passion for bringing great design to life. We love what we do and we truly enjoy collaborating with each other and with our clients to make each project a success. Check out our bios and get to know us!

  • Christopher Lemke

    Christopher Lemke B.E.S, M.Arch, MRAIC, Licensed Real Estate Agent

    Owner and Managing Partner - Design and Real Estate Services

    Originally from Ottawa, I completed my undergraduate work in urban design at the University of Waterloo. In 1992, I accepted a scholarship to pursue graduate studies in Architecture at the University of Calgary, completing the degree with a thesis project that received widespread recognition and the AIA Henry Adams Gold Medal. As a passionate sailor, my original plan was to keep moving westwards. Once settled in the foothills though, I found myself captivated by the dramatic landscapes, the breadth of opportunity and people's intrinsic willingness to embrace new ideas.

    In 1997, Mace and I co-founded Alloy Homes, united by a shared belief that great architecture needs to be a part of daily life. My job at Alloy is to help our clients think outside the box. I am intimately involved in the design of each and every home that we build, and I use my experience as a licensed Real Estate Agent to keep our clients aware of market trends, forecasts and opportunities.

    After hours, you'll find me racing yachts across the Pacific or ardently supporting our kids' soccer team.
  • Mace Mortimer

    Mace Mortimer BGS

    Owner and Managing Partner - Construction

    As a founding partner and co-owner, it's my job to see that your new home is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

    My background is in Physics and Architecture, a combination that has proven incredibly useful as we work out all of the minute but critical design details on site. I ensure that every aspect of a build is considered well in advance because no one appreciates unpleasant surprises – including me!

    When I have a few moments to spare, you can find me outside hunting, training for a triathlon, or taking a break with a good book and a beer.
  • Shaune Thompson

    Shaune Thompson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Alloy Homes has been an important part of my life for almost 25 years.

    I was one of Alloy's first clients back in 1997. The passion and care they put into their work was incomparable, and the home that they created for me was a work of art. A year later when they asked me to come aboard I jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

    It is with pleasure that I have been sharing my own passion for numbers and my commitment to accuracy with Alloy’s clients ever since. We work together to create a positive and accountable environment from the initial consultation to the finished product. My job is to focus on the financial details so our clients can keep their eyes looking skyward, watching as their dream home comes to life.
  • Ben Rogalsky

    Ben Rogalsky

    Sales & Client Relationship Manager

    Growing up in my family’s stair and railing business in Calgary, the construction industry is in my blood. I started sweeping the shop floor, installing product, and working as a site supervisor before transitioning to the business and sales side. Having had the privilege of working with Alloy as a trade partner for many years, I observed that level of passion and energy they bring to each design/build project is on par with what's typically reserved for family and close friends. So when they offered me a position on their team, I jumped at the chance.

    As Client Relationship Manager, I'm your guide and advisor throughout our integrated Design, Construction, Care and Maintenance process. I'm here to ensure your needs, desires, and concerns are being appropriately addressed, while helping bring your dream home to life.

    A homebody at heart, I can often be found playing guitar in my garden. I spend most of my free time surrounded by family, friends, and two cats. I want your new home to help you embrace your inner homebody too.
  • Paul Shannon

    Paul Shannon PMP

    Design Manager

    My passion for the industry began as a young teenager in Southern Ontario when I'd ride my bike over to a nearby job site everyday during summer break. After a week or so, the builder approached me, handed me a broom, and said I might as well make myself useful since I was already showing up everyday. With that, my career in residential construction was born! Over the next ten years, I completed my diploma in Architectural Technology at Fanshawe College in London ON, relocated to Calgary and embarked upon a career in residential design.

    Prior to joining the Alloy team, I'd co founded a successful residential design firm, and for the better part of the last decade had worked in the commercial architecture space designing and detailing complex multi family and mixed use projects, taking them from greenfield feasibility concepts to finished construction documents. In 2022, I obtained my Professional Project Management (PMP) designation which has set me up well to manage the complex and detailed design/build projects at Alloy.

    As Design Manager, I transform our design concepts into a tangible set of construction documents, applying technical rigour to ensure the beauty of the architectural ideas is expressed in every detail.
  • Kishan Gajjar

    Kishan Gajjar B.A.Hons (Arch), M.Arch

    Senior Designer+Project Manager

    I was born and raised in Tanzania, cultured in India, educated in England, and refined in Canada. Growing up seeing my grandfather operate a woodshop and my Dad runs a photography business, I was exposed at a young age to craft and art.

    Arriving in Calgary over 21 years ago with an undergraduate degree in hand, I worked with various architectural firms and soon had completed a Master’s Degree from the University of Calgary. For a few years, I followed a more traditional architectural career path until I found my true passion for design/build. I’ve always found it satisfying to take projects from design to completion, bringing out the beauty of the architecture as it’s given physical form.

    In 2008 I established my own design/build firm, creating custom modern homes built to age gracefully and provide good value to clients. I’ve known Chris and Mace for many years, and when they extended an offer to join the team at Alloy Homes, I jumped at the opportunity. I could not have asked for a better group of people with whom to collaborate.

    I find inspiration in sports, especially cricket and golf, playing board games and travelling and spending time with loved ones.
  • Kyle Shavluk

    Kyle Shavluk

    Construction Manager

    I've always admired architectural and engineering feats, which fostered a desire to to create a career out of this interest. A diploma in Architectural and Building Development Technology from SAIT helped make my passion a reality. From the first day I began managing custom home builds and renovations 20 plus years ago, I've believed that well managed projects should exceed customers expectations. As someone with an impulse for organization and a keen eye for detail, I thrive on keeping projects running smoothly from conception to delivery. I'm skilled at building lasting relationships with homeowners and maintaining open lines of communication every step of the way.
  • Jordan Metselaar

    Jordan Metselaar

    Project Manager

    Born and raised in Southern Ontario, I come from a long line of tradesmen and home builders. I have always loved working with my hands and building is in my blood. My career started early with my father often picking me up from school to help on his job sites. It has since evolved from accomplished carpentry to project management. I believe that the home building process should be as seamless as possible for our clients, and that a home should be as functional as it is beautiful. My goal is to work closely with our clients to deliver their homes on time and on budget. I am always up for a challenge no matter how big or small! In my spare time I can often be found in the mountains, in my canoe, or in my home workshop...almost always with a dog at my side.
  • Tony Mertens

    Tony Mertens

    Lead Carpenter

    As a 3rd generation carpenter my goal has always been to continue the legacy of those who came before me. In 1953 my Grandfather immigrated to Canada from Germany. With him he brought his family and a skill set passed down for generations. He took great pride in the quality of his work, his attention to detail and dedication to his craft - characteristics that I embrace wholeheartedly. Now entering my 3rd decade of home building, I continue to enjoy the rewards and challenges inherent to this ever-evolving industry. I'm grateful to have found a team whose principles so closely align with my own.
  • Deana Lewis

    Deana Lewis M.Arch

    Design Consultant

    I believe that designing a home is about creating happiness. Discovering what that means for each person and project is an incredibly rewarding process that I love being a part of.

    Growing up on an Alberta farm, I spent much of my youth wandering the fields and dreaming up houses-that-could-be. I could not wait to move to the Big City to pursue my passion for residential architecture. I left Alberta to complete a Master of Architecture at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and have since dedicated my career to designing beautiful homes in Western Canada.
  • Tanya Anand

    Tanya Anand

    Communications Specialist

    I’ve always been fascinated by storytelling and the power of words, images, music, and design. As a consultant for the majority of my career, I’ve helped many clients tell their stories. I’ve collaborated with entrepreneurs and international corporations, budding brands, and established institutions. My clients have included private companies, government, and associations in sectors from consumer to health, energy, and construction. Each has had a unique tale to tell.

    With a bent for the poetic, I studied English literature at the University of Saskatchewan. More practical pursuits led me to a Communications degree from Simon Fraser University. After several years working in Vancouver, the opportunity to establish a local office for a major international PR firm drew me to Alberta in 2011. I’ve been proud to call Calgary home since then. I'm delighted to bring my expertise to the Alloy team.

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