Community Spotlight: YEG Harvest Celebration

  • RAHF Harvest Celebration

Love Staying Home. It’s a simple idea, but one that manages to hold within it all the aspects we cherish most at Alloy. A home is more than a structure, it’s a place from which we live most fully; beyond the walls that create it, a home connects us with family, neighbours, and community.

At Alloy we don’t just build homes, we also support the lives lived within them. This means looking beyond the floorplan and into the communities where we live, work and build—where our clients will thrive. It’s why, each year, we support a cause that fits both with our ethos and our connections to the communities we embrace. This year, we’ve chosen to support the Lois Hole Hospital for Women through a sponsorship of the 2021 Harvest Celebration.

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women provides expert patient care for women of all ages and in all stages of life. It serves as the centre for excellence for women’s health in Canada’s Northwest and provides a range of services from obstetrics and maternal care to surgical treatment of cancers, programs focused on the needs of maturing women and innovative research into mental health.

Why is this cause important to Alloy? Because at the centre of all we do are the women who form the foundation of our lives—our mothers, wives, daughters, colleagues, and clients. We are especially proud to connect our own families and our Alloy Family with this universally important cause and to an organization with similar core values to our own: innovation, purpose, and integrity.

It’s said that meaning comes from what we each bring to the object or idea being considered. Beyond the beams and trusses, the angles and sightlines is our Alloy Family, the people who support and serve our communities from one generation to the next. Connection and understanding with our clients is as integral to our outcome as is our design, workmanship, and construction, because to Love Staying Home is to love the home you’re in. For all of us at Alloy, it’s a commitment built into the very foundation of who we are.

Please check out the Harvest Celebration live on CTV Edmonton on September 18 or by visiting

Hear more about our involvement with the Harvest Celebration from our Managing Partner – Construction, Mace Mortimer.

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