Our High Performance Homes go easy on the environment

When you build with Alloy, you don't need to sacrifice your sense of style to live in a healthy, sustainable home.

We design and build custom homes from the ground up, and there are a host of fundamental considerations that can impact comfort and environmental performance. These can be as simple as preserving existing mature vegetation on site to provide summer shade and protection from winter winds. Deep eaves on the south side of a home permit low winter sun to penetrate, while blocking the hot summer sun when it's higher in the sky. Ensuring that each room is provided with opening windows in opposing corners will greatly enhance air circulation and decrease dependency on air conditioners.

What's important is that these kinds of ideas require only careful consideration. They don't add a great deal to the cost of construction. With these fundamentals addressed, your new home will be able to take full advantage of the more active environmental systems that we include as standard on every build, for example:

• High performance, triple-glazed windows
• High-performance building envelope with upgraded insulation and standard air barrier sealing package
• A heat recovery ventilator to enhance indoor air quality and harvest waste heat from exhaust air
• High-efficiency mechanical and electrical systems
• Solar-ready electrical and/or plumbing system to suit each client's requirements
• Under-slab Radon evacuation system

We're members of the Built Green Canada programme, whose aim is to raise the bar on energy efficiency, healthy indoor environments, and sound environmental practices in the home building industry. An Alloy Home with typical specifications is constructed to Built Green Canada's "Gold" standard. If you include extras like active photovoltaic electrical generation you can elevate it to the "Platinum" level.

If you'd like to learn more, just contact us for a full review of all we can offer. You'll not only be able to claim the most striking home on the block, but also the most comfortable, the most efficient and the most responsible.

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