Our Core Values


"Alloy Homes provided us with a beautiful architectural design for our new home. We were very happy with their attention to detail and strong project management during the construction phase and continue to be happy with their responsiveness in the post build phase. We would highly recommend Alloy to anyone considering building a custom home."

- G Gervais & M Sicotte


Everything we do, everything we create, and all of our relationships are expressions of our core values. Here's what you can expect from us:


Some people wear their passion on their sleeves. Ours is displayed in every one of our bespoke homes. Because we're a small volume builder, you get access to unparalleled involvement throughout the entire design/build process. This ensures your passion will show just as clearly as ours.


We deliver on our promises. We build modern homes but it's the traditional value of our word that underpins everything else we do.

The Little Things Matter

We take pride in the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into creating the perfect family home. Both indoors and out, details matter. It’s evident in the intelligent floor plans, the materials we choose — and the way we put them together.


We’re all about innovation at Alloy, always looking for better ways of doing things. Our culture of embracing and seeking change ensures your home will never look like anyone else’s. In a time where everyone wants to wait around for the next best thing, we don’t wait — we dream it up and build it ourselves.

Enduring Value

Styles and tastes can change with the seasons. Your new home is a somewhat longer-term proposition. That's why we infuse every one of our creations with a timeless modern quality that's based upon solid fundamentals - access to natural light; efficient use of space; the elegant interplay of materials; sensitivity to surroundings. Ideas like these never go out of fashion, which means that your new Alloy Home will remain an important part of the urban fabric for years to come.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe that our homes should both enhance the urban environment in which they're built, and tread as lightly as possible on the natural environment that we all share. We design from the ground up to take advantage of what nature offers us, then equip our homes with the latest energy-efficient systems to minimize ongoing resource use.

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